Whether it’s Northern, Central or Eastern Europe your traffic is coming from, ITMCash is here to take your earnings to a new level. Based in Northern Europe, we have been successfully involved in adult entertainment and affiliate marketing since 2002. ITMCash, having been in development for 2 years, is now proud to offer cutting edge sites with splendid conversions, terrific affiliate features and clockwork precise payouts to a system of your choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start making money exactly?

We pay for valid SMS messages sent by visitors you attract. To get credited for the messages users send, you need to send those visitors to custom links generated in the Statistics/Traffic Flows area of your webmaster account. You can also check the Promo section for banner codes and place banners on your sites.

My links have ID different from my ID in the system, is this OK?

Yes, it’s supposed to be this way. The ID shown in the links of the site you promote is the ID of the traffic flow. Each and every affiliate can have several traffic flows, and these will have different IDs and separate statistics. This is similar to Subaccounts, and this is meant to help you track the performance of different sources of traffic.

I can’t load your affiliate sites and/or affiliate program sites; are you facing a dDos attack?

In fact, we employ a powerful anti-dDos system which is in standby mode 24 hours every day, filtering traffic for possible attacks. Sometimes IP addresses of our affiliates are seen as potentially dangerous by the security system which temporarily blocks access for these IPs. The IPs will be unblocked automatically after a short period of time. If you don’t feel like waiting for this to happen, use a different IP. If your ISP issues a dynamic IP to you, just re-connect.

Some of the money I made was deducted as ‘fraud hold.’ What’s this all about?

In our case, fraud is SMS messages sent from mobile numbers with insufficient balance. A user sends a message to a number, the message was received and processed, but the payment processing company could not charge the user because of insufficient account balance, and nobody gets paid. Normally mobile phone companies run re-checks of messages sent in 2-3 months. If the user has sufficient mobile account balance, the money will be charged and you as an affiliate will be credited for the transaction.